Monday, June 11, 2018

Never Ending Sleep

Never Ending Sleep
by: J Edward Knox

- - - - - -

Open your eyes to a bright new day
Nothing left to want; still less to say
Eyes still drooping
From wearied restless sleep

Open your eyes to a stale old day
So much need; even more to say
Eyes frozen wide
From anxious restless dreams

Pray for sleep
Never ending sleep

Days grow longer with a tyrant sun
Nights grow shorter with the peaceful host
Looking into a mirror
A stranger looks back at me

Light gets brighter blinding us all
Darkness retreats and then it’s gone
Where is my calm
Tranquility vanished again

Can’t make myself sleep
For fear of what’s to come
So I pray for sleep
Endless sleep take me home

Or at least let the storm
Run its course
Shape the dark
Into a new peaceful form

6.11.18 (muse: The Cure - Bloodflowers album)

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