Saturday, April 28, 2018


by: J Edward Knox

- - - - - -

A call to the sleeper,
Stir yourself awake
Rouse your spirit
Facing your grim reaper
Anguish he can take

Longing for a new day
Tears filling your cup
Drink your sorrow
No more words left to say
Time to sober up

Exist solitary, alone amidst the crowd
Cling to your smile as if in a death shroud
Another damn chameleon

Hearing more of the lies
Riddled with more guilt
For things not done
Blank stare with empty eyes
Windmills make me tilt

Starless skies dark silence
Stillness leaves me calm
The void brings peace
Solutions do violence
No mystery balm

A painful empathy, a hollow ghostly voice
Job’s friends sitting silent was the right choice
Another damn chameleon

4.28.18 (muse: A Perfect Circle -  The Contrarian)

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